1 Quick release change connector for water /air
2 Quick change system (mechanical)
3 Pco 1810_m, low weight neck (3.9 gm)
4 Low neck weight (2.25 gm) for 26.7 Alaska and 29_25 neck size
5 1 gm cap for above neck
( Design Registration no. 228889 )
6 Non drip pourer cum dispenser cap
6. Non drip pourer cum dispenser cap (Design Registration no. 228888)
It is observed that the conventional closure system prevailing in the market has following disadvantages –
Most of the closures do not provide tamper evidence, and as an additional item – Induction heat sealable wads are inserted in the closure. This is an additional cost, in terms of direct materials, Labour cost for insertion, as well as for the secondary operation of IHS wad sealing. IHS closure system needs a separate tool to break open the IHS seal.
Most of the closures do not have the portion control facility.
During pouring the content, flow is not guided such as there is possibility of spillage.
After pouring out the content, on keeping the pack vertical, the contents drips down the neck and the spillage makes the pack as well area dirty/messy
Keeping in mind the Indian consumers, who is not yet groomed in” use and throw” policy, but believe in the re-use, we have made an effort to give a sustainable Closure system to be used on the 5 litre and above size packs, Non drip closure with portion control is an assembly of two component closure made out of food grade, non toxic plastics, which are none re-acting with most of the chemicals, by Injection moulding process.

This closure is designed in such a way that after pouring out the content any spillage from the spout will flow down and goes back in the bottle from the special passage provided, ensuring that there is no spillage on the container.

Closure align with bottle at a particular position, special lip gives sealing on the bottle ensuring leak proof pack, ratchet locks provide the firm sealing on the bottle. Tampered bottle can be easily identified by damaged tamper evident locks on the bottle and closure. Bottom piece acting as a non drip flow guide, remain on the bottle permanently. A spout guides the flow of the liquid content while pouring out. Spout is designed in such a way that the spillage after pouring out will slide down over the spout and goes back in the container. Bottom piece is made in attractive colors to match the package labeling and other aesthetics.

Top piece, acting as a measuring cup, is made transparent for easy visibility. This piece is secured on the bottom closure permanently; any efforts to tamper the product are seen by naked eyes, as the tamper evident bridges are elongated, or broken. On opening the closure for first use the bridges are broken totally and a tamper evident band falls down on the bottom piece. This part of the closure is reused to cover the bottom portion of closure assembly to ensure that there is no contamination and hygiene is maintained. The special design of the closure ensures a leak proof sealing on the bottom piece. Measuring cup built, in the closure design is graduated at 25, 50, & 75 ml volumes, where as the brimful volume is 83 ml.

The assembly provides a completely leak proof and tamper evident sealing, which is user friendly, safe, and does not require any special tools even for first use.

What is the end use of this closure system?
This closure system can be used for variety of end use like packaging Edible oil, Lubricating oil, Chemicals, Detergents, Floor cleaner, Window cleaner, Disinfectants, Hand wash, Pesticides, Agric and veterinary products, Thinners & Varnishes, Fruit juice concentrates, Syrups, etc. This closure can be used on all bulk packs where the liquid needs to be removed from the packs on multiple occasions, and may be with a portion control (measure).

What are the sizes available in this closure system?
Closure with this concept can be used from a small neck like 38 mm to large neck like 120 mm.

What is available in the Indian market
This type of closure is NOT AVAILABLE IN INDIA as at now. Enquiries from end users or the existing closure manufacturer are well come for commercial development.

Important design considerations
1. User friendly - Does not require special tool to open and reclose after use.
2. Ensures hygiene – Measuring cup ensures that dust, dirt or foreign body will not contaminate the content, as well the smell or odor of the product will not go out after capping correctly.
3. Spillage free – Design of the closure ensures that the spillage if any, during the removal of content, will go back in the container.



Dosing or portion control - Content can be used in portion as required without any external measuring device. Cover cap is graduated for portion control.
5. Improved aesthetics - Bottles look big and impressive.
6. Leak proof & temper evident pack - Full fill the basic requirement of packaging to ensure the content reach to customer in the same condition it was packed on filling line.
7. Reusable - Bottle and closure assembly can be re-used.
8. Easy change over from existing closure system - Existing bottles can use the closure with replacement of change part on the bottle mould at nominal price.
9. Cost effective - Eliminate the use of plug, induction wad or foil seals to ensure tamper evident and leak proof function. Second operation and inventory is eliminated.
Easy Pouring
Spillage goes back in the can
Assembly with bottle.
Requirements of a good packaging --
A well designed package should serve the objectives like
Physical protection,
Barrier protection,
Portion control,
Marketing, etc.
A package in general has to be user friendly, should not require special tools to operate, give the protection to the product packed. A basic requirement of the package is to ensure that the content reach to the end user in the same condition it was packed on the filling line.

In market we find lot of products especially liquid/semi liquids like Oils and lubricants, detergents, Hand wash, Floor cleaner, pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Agrochemicals, veterinary medicines, etc. packed in bulk package. Being a bulk package the “portion control” is one of the basic requirements.

Most of these products being a premium and high value products are easy target of the counterfeiters. The counterfeit market in India is a multi- billion rupees market. The counterfeiter prefers a strong brand since it equates to higher priced merchandise. To ensure that the product reaches end user in the same condition it was packed on the filling line,” tamper evident” is an important consideration.
Closer system described above fulfills the requirements as mentioned here above.