1 Turnkey projects in rigid plastic packaging.
2 Tool design and development with special emphasise on hot runner, balanced manifold tools.
3 Product design and development from concept to commercial.
4 Plastic recycling projects.
5 Value added services.
5.1 Process Optimization
5.2 Preventive maintenance.
5.3 Efficiency & Asset utilization, measure and improvement.
5.4 Optimum utilization of scares resources.
5.5 Up gradation of existing machines and equipments.
5.6 Waste management & waste reduction
5.7 Energy audit & energy conservation.
3. Product design and development from concept to commercial.
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Packaging product development (rigid) for Lubricating oils, Edible oils, Cooking fat, Milk by products like butter, Cheese,Yoghurt, etc. for Pharmaceutical, Agro chemical, Food & beverage etc.
Pet pre-form and bottles/wide mouth jars.
Thermo formed, Vacuum formed packaging for food, chocolates, candy, pharmaceuticals, electronics, engineering, etc.
Light weighing of pre-form neck.
Design and development of closure and cans, with optimum weight and latest designs in European market.
Technical support in implementing the new package. (Includes the rework on automated filling lines if required)
Packaging is the art, science & technology employed for ensuring that the product shall reach end user in the same condition it was packed at production line.

Packaging also ensures the product protection for distribution, Storage, sales & use.

Eye catching packaging makes the first sale; whereas quality of the product shall make the resale of the product.
Objectives of packaging.
Packaging have several objectives as listed here below -
1. Physical protection to the product enclosed.
2. Barrier protection.
3. Containment or agglomeration.
4. Transmission of information.
5. Marketing of product with graphics, designs, point of sale display.
6. Security & risk of tamper & pilferage.
7. Convenience in handling, storage, distribution, reclosing, dispensing & reuse, Portion control.
Package design & development are often considered as an integral part of the New Product Development process.
Package design starts with identification of all requirements like–
Structural design, Shelf life,
Quality assurance, Logistics,
Legal requirements, Graphics design,
End use, Environmental issues, etc.
The design criteria, Time targets, Resources, and Cost constraints need to be established & agreed upon.
Consideration for Package Development.
Sustainability, Environmental responsibility,
Recycling or Reuse, Life cycle assessment,
Materials, Energy inputs & Output to package. Contents (Product to be packed)
Packaging process, Logistics,
Waste management, etc.
Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle are “three r’s” of a waste hierarchy which must be considered in product & package development.
We have in-house capacity & capability to develop the rigid packaging namely -
Injection Moulded products,
Blow Moulded products,
Injection stretch blow Moulded products (PET),
Formed products, (Vacuum forming & Thermo forming),
We offer one stop development from Concept to Commercial production.