1 Turnkey projects in rigid plastic packaging.
2 Tool design and development with special emphasise on hot runner, balanced manifold tools.
3 Product design and development from concept to commercial.
4 Plastic recycling projects.
5 Value added services.
5.1 Process Optimization
5.2 Preventive maintenance.
5.3 Efficiency & Asset utilization, measure and improvement.
5.4 Optimum utilization of scares resources.
5.5 Up gradation of existing machines and equipments.
5.6 Waste management & waste reduction
5.7 Energy audit & energy conservation.
5. Value added services.
We provide enlisted value added services to the industry –
1. Process Optimization
We render services in the following areas of Plastic processing -
Injection Moulding of PE/PP/Engineering plastics & PET.
Design & development of balanced hot runner multi cavity tools for thin wall containers, Caps & Closures, industrial products etc.
Design & development of balanced hot runner valve gate system tools for manufacturing PET pre-forms.
Blow Moulding of bottles and cans from 30 ml to 50 ltr.
Stretch blow Moulding & Injection stretch blow Moulding of bottles up to 5 liter capacity.
Profile extrusion
Blow film extrusion & bag making
Strap extrusion
Rotational Moulding of toys, water tanks up to 10000 liter capacity, security post, etc.
Automation in product handling & material handling
Bottle sanitization. Bottle handling. Bottle filling , Bottle capping, Bottle labeling
Shrink wrapping, Stretch wrapping, Form fill & seal
Utility –Power generation (LT) and distribution, Chillers, Compressors, Generating sets