One important word FLEXIBILITY! We will work with your team in a manner that best fits the way you run your business. Whether you want us leading the project or supporting your manager, on site or in your office, we will provide the level of support appropriate to your requirements.
What type of packaging engineering /project services do you provide?
Our primary focus is on the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Edible oil, Mineral water, Automobile and Lub oil, Domestic and Industrial products etc. We have wide experience and exposure in most aspects of the packaging process, from the design and manufacture of primary packaging materials, filling, packing and preparing products for shipment. We offer one stop solution to projects, all technical problems by rigid plastic industry in the areas of Injection moulding, Blow moulding, Stretch blow moulding, Injection stretch blow moulding, Film & sheet extrusion, Profile extrusion, Rotational moulding, etc.
What makes you have competitive edge in the same business?
We have wide experience and exposure of over 34 years in industry in local as well overseas market, and understanding of packaging needs and requirements in all aspect from resin selection, process, and equipment to end product. We have developed expertise through hands on shop floor experience, so our solutions are realistic and easily implementable. We maintain perfect confidentiality of the project, our solutions are cost effective, easily implementable, and we take the complete responsibility and maintain the time frame.
What do you bring to our project?
We bring a solid asset of experience that is truly a rare find. We have worked in variety of industries with wide range of technologies. We stay up to date on new and emerging technologies, as we really do not know what our clients will need tomorrow. We tap out resources and network of contacts through packaging industry and experts to help us solve client’s problem.
How do you define a successful packaging project?
Through years of experience, we have confirmed that the key to smooth running efficient packaging system is well conceived and executed integration of people, equipment, and materials. We pride our-self in understanding this relationship, applying it to our projects, and using it to your advantage.
Why we should be involved in Project/Development?
  Sound technical knowledge backed up with hands on experience.
Project confidentiality maintained.
Cost effective solutions.
Total responsibility of completion within time frame.