1 Quick release change connector for water /air
2 Quick change system (mechanical)
3 Pco 1810_m, low weight neck (3.9 gm)
4 Low neck weight (2.25 gm) for 26.7 Alaska and 29_25 neck size
5 1 gm cap for above neck
( Design Registration no. 228889 )
6 Non drip pourer cum dispenser cap
1. Quick release change connector for water /air ( Design Registration no. 228887 )
Mold changes are inherent part of the molding system. A considerable amount of time is spent during mold change on the water connection & disconnection. Profitability is directly affected by such time loss.

With the aim of continual improvement and minimizing unproductive time we have developed SQC connector.

With this connector water connection and disconnection time has brought down to less than 5 minutes. (For mold with 16 water connections)

Hose connector nipple on the mold is hazardous and risks the damage during handling and storage. Keeping safety at a prime concern the sockets are designed to submerge in the plates, giving flush mounting. Sockets can be easily adopted on the present molds by a minor rework.

Sockets to use without any rework on the present molds are available on request.

Sockets are fixed once for all in the mold plates and they becomes the integral part of the mold. Hose connector is permanently fixed on the water hose.

Connectors are designed to work at 8 bar pressure, are user friendly and virtually maintenance free. Productivity of the molding systems is improved in many folds with this connector due to the full flow characteristics and time savings.

The connector will pay for itself in a short time by the additional productivity gain.
Seven wonderful features of the SQC
1. Locking mechanism is designed to withstand the stress requirements dictated by the high productivity, whilst assuring safety of operation. High level accuracy and critical tolerances are maintained precisely to ensure the long term reliability in operation.
2. Efficiency - These connectors are designed to give maximum flow capability for its size. This full flow concept eliminates the risk of scaling.
3. Easy handling - Simply pushing the plug until it is locked in, makes the connection. Disconnection is eased by diamond knurling grip on the sleeve.
4. Safety - Safety is assured by two actions required for disconnection. Pulling on the hose will never accidentally disconnect the connector.
5. Flush mounted socket - Compact sockets are designed to build in to the mold to ensure the ease of handling, and protection from damage during handling.
6. Quick to install - Sockets are pre-applied with Teflon, to ensure the instant sealing without thread tape or thread sealant.
7. Easy maintenance - Assembly is virtually maintenance free. Seal ring can be changed without dismantling the assembly.