1 Turnkey projects in rigid plastic packaging.
2 Tool design and development with special emphasise on hot runner, balanced manifold tools.
3 Product design and development from concept to commercial.
4 Plastic recycling projects.
5 Value added services.
5.1 Process Optimization
5.2 Preventive maintenance.
5.3 Efficiency & Asset utilization, measure and improvement.
5.4 Optimum utilization of scares resources.
5.5 Up gradation of existing machines and equipments.
5.6 Waste management & waste reduction
5.7 Energy audit & energy conservation.
2. Preventive maintenance.
Preventive maintenance is a scientific tool to maintain and up keep the machine & equipments in perfect running condition.
Advantages of preventive maintenance.
Preventive maintenance increases the mean time before failure (MTBF).
Preventive maintenance improves availability & reliability of machine & equipments.
Preventive maintenance minimizes line stoppages.
Preventive maintenance minimizes failure of commitments. • Preventive maintenance helps plan the maintenance budget.
Preventive maintenance reduces the break down maintenance cost, and associated expenses and down times.
Preventive maintenance identifies the critical areas require high attention.
Preventive maintenance gives the warning of probable failure of component/assembly well in advance, to plan for replacement.
Data required for maintenance performance evaluation –
Machine & equipment breakdown history.
Mould breakdown history.
Maintenance history, parts replacement records preferably with parts costing.
Quality analysis report.
Maintenance team skill rating & training record.